Troy Snowmobile Club, Inc. Disclaimer

The Kootenai National Forest offers some of the finest snowmobiling areas in the state. Elevations on the Kootenai National Forest range from 1,862 to 8,712 feet. There are five Ranger Stations and the Forest Supervisor’s Office in the area which offer information pertaining to local snowmobiling opportunities.

Some trails are designated as “groomed”. Grooming occurs on an intermittent basis by a group of volunteers when time and weather permit.

Changes in weather will affect trail conditions. Most roads on public lands, if not plowed, are available to snowmobiles unless closed by a Forest Service order. Some areas are closed to cross-country snowmobile travel. Information on area closures is available at all District and Forest Offices.

Snowmobiler’s should be aware that roads off the groomed trail system may be closed by a gate. Such gates may not be visible beneath the snow and should be traveled at the driver’s risk only.

Trail descriptions and photos are provided as a service and are subjective in nature. Weather will alter the trail conditions and can not be predicted. Skill levels of riders are subjective. Skill levels required for a particular trail are also subjective.

Travel on trails is at the snowmobiler’s risk. It is recognized that there are inherent risks to the sport of snowmobiling. The prudent snowmobiler should always be aware of such risks and take necessary precautions, and be aware of the Montana Laws in regards to snowmobiler’s responsibility and ethics as delineated by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

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